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My Dad, Cal Crook, loved nature, and has always spent every available moment walking, hiking, driving, fishing, and hunting. When I was a kid, Dad took me on hiking / camping / driving trips. He taught me many aspects of photography. Several years ago, before congestive heart failure began slowing him down, I spent a week with him in his home near Trout Lake, Washington. He took me to more than eight waterfalls in one day. He shuffled, and sometimes crawled to go where he wanted, but he never lost sight of the goal: photography of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Wore me out!

Dad lived just about ten minutes south of the beautiful Elk Meadows RV Park & Campground. I've stayed at this campground nestled in the forest, surrounded by incredible natural beauty, including Mt. Adams. Dad has also taken me there a number of times to get photos, but his photos are better than mine. Oh well.

Here are just a few of our photos. Some of the images are graphically "heavy," so they are on individual pages for your convenience.

Serene Hawaiian Pacific Northwest Tulips view by Judy

Rainy day shot of the Hoh Rainforest-Olympic Peninsula by Judy

Sunrise over Rabbit Island, Oahu, Hawaii by Judy

Butterfly Kona, Hawaii by Judy

Anthurium Kona, Hawaii by Judy

Amber Rose Sun City, Arizona by Judy

Mt. Adams from Trout Lake Farms by Cal

Columbia River Gorge Sunset - looking west from White Salmon area by Judy

Mt. Shuksan, Washington by Cal

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