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Jack Vorfeld in Power House - 1995Jack Vorfeld in Power House of Oahu Sugar Company, 1995, during Christmas Shutdown.
Jack Vorfeld and Henry Maguire admiring the results of their collaboration. About 1954. Jack and Henry Maguire about 1954, looking over the shredder bearings. These anti-friction bearings replaced the old babbit bearings. This improvement made processing smoother, since the babbit bearings constantly required maintenance. Maguire was founder of Maguire Bearings, a long-time school chum of Jack's, and one of the best in the business.
OSCO Power House, 1954: Frank Martin, William Cockburn, M. Sasaoka. Shortly after this photo was taken in 1954, these generators were replaced with much larger generators. Included in the photo are Frank Martin, William Cockburn, and M. Sasaoka.

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