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Alice Janssen McMurry writes about her sister Wilhelmine Susanne Johanne Janssen:
Minna was born June 15, 1897 on Kauai. She loved children very much and was sort of a romantic person. She helped Mama a lot and liked to cook. She helped outdoors, too, for on Kauai we had a barn, horses, cows, chickens, pigeons, a garden and fruit trees.

She went to school in Koloa and also in Kahuku. Upon finishing the 8th grade she did not really know what she wanted to do. There was an ad in the paper from a lady (Mrs. Nowell) who wanted someone to take care of her young son, so Minna went to see her. Mrs. Nowell thought her too young for the job but Minna wanted it so much she got the job. She worked there for a year, during which time Mrs. Nowell talked her into finishing school. She did, and graduated from Territorial Normal School.

She went back to Kahuku to teach. There she met Howard Parker, a carpenter and cabinet maker and they were married in 1919. Later they had a son, Richard Parker. Later, Howard went to California and found employment. Minna joined him. There they had their daughter Barbara. Later divorce, she returned to Hawaii and lived in a teacher's cottage with her two children.

After several years she married Lee Flourney and moved to Honolulu. He died, and later she married Louis Aubry. He was a serviceman and they moved to the mainland, living in several places before they settled in Houston, Texas. Louis Aubry passed away in 1973. Minna lived near her family until she passed away in 1981.

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