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Alice Janssen McMurry reminisces:
Born in Koloa, Kauai, March 12, 1903, a very loving person ald really loved to be near Mama. It is a great thing to be born into a loving family, which we were. She and I were very good companions - only two years apart. In Kahuku we always worked and played together. Hennie loved to play house with her dolls and I would play with her for awhile if she promised to come outdoors with me - which she did.

She went to school in Kahuku and after the 8th grade she went to McKinley High School for two years and then to the Territorial Normal School for two years. Then she became a teacher.

First school where we lived she met Bob Chalmers. We both taught there one year because they were enlarging the school and it later became a training school. She went to Kahuku for a year and then to Hilo where she and Bob were married in 1923.

She taught there and the three children were born there and finished high school there. Their three children graduated from Berkeley College. Hennie became ill with cancer in Honolulu, where she was teaching school. When she became ill they came to Berkeley to a hospital, but since there was no hope for her she went into a nursing home where she passed away at the age of 56 in April of 1959. Her ashes went home to Honolulu to be buried in the chalmers plot in Nuuanu Cemetery. She was too young and too loving to go so soon.

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