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Soryn, Prentice, and Michel Voetberg and Jordan Schissler.
When these cousins got together,
they generated enough energy and enthusiasm
to light a city block. A BIG city block.

Janet Boynton Larson (Ethel's cousin, and daughter
of George and Elsie Boynton) and Gil Larson

Ron Simpson

Patty Pierson and daughter Rachel

Jan Pierson

Judy Vorfeld and Carolyn Downing
enjoying the program

Prentice Voetberg

Ethel's nephews Tim Nielsen and Doug Cruea

The incredible Marlene Forester

Ethel Crook with nephew Clayton Boynton

Marie Boynton and brother Clayton Boynton

Ethel Crook with Swil Kanim (Richard A. Marshall)

Tyler and Casey Robinson with GG

Cousins' Night at the Marina
Evan Friedmann, Judy Vorfeld, Sharon and Solon Boynton,
Jan Pierson, and Tim Nielsen

Evan Friedmann, Judy Vorfeld, and Marie Boynton

Carolyn Downing, Judy Vorfeld, Jan Pierson, and David Crook

Blake Pierson, Evan Friedmann, Doug Cruea,
and Ethel Crook at Billy McHale's

Photo of rose grown by Carolyn Crook Downing, photographed by Judy Crook Vorfeld

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