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This is the page where you can pay tribute to a very special lady.
Send me an email and (if you'd like) a photo. They'll be uploaded to this page.

Janel Weiss    Ethel has been, I believe, one of the most wonderful blessings in my life. I met her about three years ago when I started attending Fountain Community Church. She had had a stroke, and was living in the home of her daughter-in-law and son, Janet and David Crook.

If I were to have picked who I would have had for a mother, Ethel would have been it! I love her as a mother! Sometimes we even argue like a mother and daughter! Not really argue, but disagree. I usually let her win.

She has brought so many gifts into my life. Those gifts are: Love - music - her sense of humor - her love for doggies, and her wonderful children, David and his wife Jan, Calamity Jan, Carolyn, and last but not least in any way, Judy. There are no words really to convey my love for Ethel and her children who have become a true family to me! There are also no words to convey to God how THANKFUL I am for them all!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, ETHEL

Jan Pierson (aka Calamity Jan)   Mom is one amazing lady, one amazing Mom. I am so proud of her!

I'm also glad to have some of her genes and hope that if I get to 95, I'll be half as amazing and beautiful as she is!

Barbara (Bobbi) Bergh Cheatham   Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and events of Ethel's birthday. Seeing her in the pictures truly brought back warm memories of a person and teacher that brought so much to my life. She taught us not only how to play and enjoy music but she taught us grace, class and, most of all, heart.

Kathi (Bergh) Babraitis   

Dear Mrs. Crook:

Thank you for getting me out of science. And thank you, because I got turned on to astrology and geology instead.

My second husband, John Babriatis, was the band director for Mount Vernon school district for twenty-three years. I learned to make uniform adjustments for oversize band members to military inspections for parades, thanks to Dr. Spicer.

It was wonderful to visit the web site your daughter did of your life. It looks like your ninety-fifth birthday was a huge success. Many Happy Years To Come.

Photo of rose grown by Carolyn Crook Downing, photographed by Judy Crook Vorfeld

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