Graphic: back to Boynton IndexBoynton Cousins - August 1998

graphic of the Boynton cousins - taken in 1998, Bellingham, Washington

Aunt Betty Boynton Nielsen died earlier in 1998. Many cousins met in Bellingham to attend the graveside service, and got better acquainted. I wanted to be there, but it wasn't possible.

Several months later—two days before Jack and I flew to Bellingham for vacation—the Lord took Aunt Hope Boynton Friedmann. This meant another Bellingham family gathering! I don't want to downplay the family's grief, but there was also a strong feeling of continuity and of family. What a privilege to get acquainted with my first cousins and the Friedmann grown grandchildren. It's like making new friends, only better.

After Hope's graveside service, we went back to the church in which the Boyntons were raised. Back row, left to right: Doug Cruea, Evan Friedmann, Mark Friedmann, Gary Cruea, Susie Friedmann Coy, and David Crook (church pastor). Front row, left to right: Jan Crook Pierson, Judy Crook Vorfeld, and Solon R. Boynton III. (They made me say something silly so everyone would laugh. Honest!)

Among the missing and missed cousins were Kelly Welles (New York), Rich Nielsen (Germany), Carolyn Crook Downing (California), and Tim Nielsen (Florida). Dear Uncle Paul Friedmann had to stay in California because of poor health. Incidentally, he passed away peacefully in late 1999.


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