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Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Simpson, Payson AZNOTE: We lost Boz on May 26, 2001, but he'll always be in our hearts. For more photos, click here.

For a long time, there was Ron, and there was Boz The Dog. The Dog. They were a fantastic duo. Boz was satisfied with the status quo, and so was Ron.

Until he met Kerrie Anne Andersen. Boz met Kerrie Anne and her dog Micus Anne, and thought they were okay. He met people all the time, and he'd never met a person or a dog he didn't like.

Boz the invincible, the innocent, and in this case, the ignorant Golden Retriever was blissfully unaware that one day there would be a human wedding, and he would have to share Ron not only with another person, but with another dog! Yikes!

But Boz the dog is a trooper. He cheerfully endured the wedding, the honeymoon, and the move out of the familiar apartment into a brand new home.

In those first few days Micus Anne failed—one time—to communicate her desperate need to go outside. When no one responded to her plea to pee, she reluctantly emptied her bursting bladder in a bedroom. On freshly shampooed carpeting. Boz merely sat back and observed the family interaction after this event, wisely choosing to merge with the background.
Ron's failed attempt to escape just before the ceremony County Courthouse, Payson, AZ The wedding took place on a crisp winter day in Payson. Boz wore a bow tie. Micus wore a lovely headband. Actually, they had to sit in the car and wait for the ceremony to end, since pets weren't allowed in the county courthouse. After the ceremony, the dogs went for a run, and the honeymoon began.

Boz the Dog, Kerrie Anne Simpson, and Micus Anne, Phoenix AZ 1998In the following months, Boz learned to tolerate Micus Anne. He loved Kerrie Anne's attention, but she certainly spent a lot of time and attention on Micus Anne. So did Ron. This troubled Boz. Being loved was about the same as eating. His desire for each differed depending on the time of day and proximity to food and/or people.

After many months of scientific analysis, experimentation and observation, Boz determined the following:

Boz: Basic Needs Micus: Basic Needs
Affection: 51%
Food 49%
Affection: 49%
Food 51%

In the middle of a long, hot Phoenix summer, the four Simpsons jumped into the pick-up and headed for Colorado. Since the two dogs were in the back, it was only natural that they became closer. During their ten-day trip, they bonded. To a degree.

Boz the Dog, Ron Simpson, and Micus Anne, Phoenix  AZ, 1998 Now more than two years have come and gone. Boz has become philosophical. He's fond of Micus Anne, but cheerfully prefers the majority of attention. Ron is happy, Kerrie Anne is happy, and that makes for a happy dog. Or two. And two cats: Sneakers and Ms. Higgins.

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