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Walter, Frieda, an Jack Vorfeld, San Francicso 1913San Francisco: Grandma and Grandpa Vorfeld with son, Walter and grandson, Jack: 1913(We don't have a lot of history on Daddy Walter, except that his father was named Antone Theodore Vorfeld (1847-1929) and his mother (1856-1919) was Charlotte Delfs-Vorfeld). They lived in San Francisco, California.

About every five years the family traveled to San Francisco. Once they were living temporarily with Aunt Frances and Uncle Bill Janssen in Kaimuki when it was time to go to the Mainland. The Sunday before their Wednesday departure, Jack and cousin Henry Webber from Kauai went to an abandoned pineapple field in Wilhelmina Rise. They found some small, delicious pineapples, and proceeded to stuff themselves. That night, Jack had intense abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. Afraid that he was going to ruin his family's trip, he was relieved when the doctor said his only problem was having eaten too many pineapples!

Anton and Charlott Vorfeld about 1913Grandma Vorfeld died in 1919, but the Vorfelds continued to visit Grandpa in his apartment in San Francisco. In the 1920s, the only provision for bathing in Grandpa's apartment building was a bathtub in the basement. The Hawaiian Vorfelds didn't like this arrangement. They were used to taking showers. Jack and Daddy Walter headed out and found a junk store where they bought a shower head and some pipes. They had a great time building a shower in the back yard, remembering to install a curtain for privacy. However, the building had three stories, and tenants in the upper stories thoroughly enjoyed leaning out their windows to watch the crazy Hawaiians showering!

San Francicso apartment building where Grandpa Vorfeld lived. Taken around 1920During one visit to the Mainland, a group of relatives drove to Yosemite Park. Daddy Walter's cousin, Ted, had a big White car that Ted equipped to pull a trailer full of camping gear. They located a quiet campsite along the sparkling Yosemite River and set up camp. After a delightful time of fishing and watching the breathtaking scenery, they relaxed in San Francisco for a bit, then set out for Half Moon Bay, where they camped on the beach. The pleasant times spend in the Bay area probably helped Jack decide to go to engineering school in Oakland. But after a year, homesickness won out. Once a Hawaiian . . .

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