Spring in Arizona's White Tank Mountans. Photo by Judy Vorfeld Sunset over Bellingham Bay
Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Sunrise over Rabbit Island
Phoenix Sunrise from Goodyear

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Arizona's my home, but bits and pieces of my heart will always be in Bellingham and Chehalis, Washington; Honolulu and Waipahu, Hawaii; the Columbia River Gorge area, and a few other places, areas offering a richWild rose-like those on Lummi Island-photo by Cal Crook mosaic of memories. Fragrant evergreens dripping with dewdrops ... snow-capped mountains ... Bing cherries ... wild blackberries ... smoked salmon ... rushing water ... deer, elk, moose ... pounding surf ... the pungent scent of kelp and seaweed ... velvet green lawns ... old barns ... vibrant autumn colors ... wild strawberries ... agates ... rowboats ... starfish ... Grandma Sue's soft molasses cookies ... the chug chug of Chief Kwina, my beloved Lummi Island ferry boat ... marching bands ... and the corner store, where I could buy a Hershey Bar, a tiny, bright box of Sen-Sen, and a pack of licorice chewing gum for a nickel each.

Join me as I reminisce about Bellingham, Lummi Island, Chehalis, Washington, Ethel Crook, Cal Crook, Solon and Susie Crocker Boynton, David, Janet, Carolyn, and Judy Crook, the Simpsons, the incredible Boynton cousins and more ... and the Hawaiian side of my family, including how I met kamaaina Jack Vorfeld, and our marriage two months later.

Kahuku Sugar Factory-1990sJack grew up in a laid-back Waikiki, surfing, swimming, fishing, climbing prickly palm trees to pick coconuts. In his early years he loved swimming near his home, surfing, fishing, and riding the narrow-gauge train to visit his grandparents at the sugar plantation in Kahuku. After graduation from St. Louis, He began working for Oahu Sugar Company (OSCO) while waiting to be accepted at University of Hawaii. When that time came, Jack chose to stay with OSCO. He never looked back, and retired 41 years later. He died October 19, 2004. Click here to learn about his background and his final days.

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